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About Us

Need to Send a Package or a Document?

With so many couriers out there to choose from, are you really getting the best deal?  Do you have time to phone around and enquire? Let us do it for you! is a new online Courier Comparison service that searches our extensive database of Courier companies to find you the cheapest deals around! It really is Instant Courier Comparison in a Click! ...and best of all it's FREE to use!

Once you've found the right price and Courier service, you can buy with confidence; knowing that we have pre-negotiated to get you even better rates than going direct!

Our Story

Conceived in 2006, was the concept of two University undergraduate students at the University of Manchester trying to make some extra money by selling goods via online market places at Christmas.

With little time to spare and having been unable to make it to the Post Office to ship their goods to customers in good time, they set about contacting some of the biggest names in Courier business to see who could help…

As regular individuals these two student’s were of little significance to the big couriers and so were given quotes of as much as £300 to ship a relatively small overnight package within the UK.

Phoning around more lesser known regional courier services, the students managed to find companies that were able to offer far better rates for specific routes and it soon dawned on them that there are far more options available to people in similar situations than first meets the eye.  If only there was a faster, automated & FREE way to check what shipping and pricing options were available!

Finalising the concept the two students started working after graduation and saved up to start developing the concept over the years; persevering without any outside help or investment in order to stick to their goal of creating greater transparency in the Courier Market and exposing more and cheaper options to the general public.

Why is different?

According to Market reports by Key Note, there are well over 13000 businesses operating in the Postal Service market in the UK alone!  But no one has the time or energy to keep up with the pricing and changes offered by all the couriers. That’s where comes in!

Unlike other online so called ‘Comparison sites’ that have emerged after was conceived, is completely FREE to use for customers. 

Other sites that ‘claim’ to be free actually open accounts with large courier names and through volume get preferential rates. But they do not pass these rates directly on to customers. They manipulate these prices by adding their charges on top before presenting them to customers. This means that they only compare a ‘select few’ couriers that serve their own interest. Well not at! does not add any additional charges to Courier’s prices.

What the Courier Quotes is the price the customer gets and does not manipulate this price unlike other players in the market. Furthermore we aim to compare MORE couriers and MORE prices than anyone else in the market and we continuously drive to expand our coverage.'s list of Courier Service Providers will continue to grow as rapidly as we can drive it, delivering the biggest benefit to our users as possible!